Is Recycle Bin Feature Available?

I Want Someone to tell me that is there a Possibility to Restore deleted posts or accounts, For example, if a staff deleted a post or account on any discourse powered community, can it be Restored if they wanted? Are there option to skip permanent deletion while deleted at 1st and possibility to add wait time for 90 days before post or an account gets permanently deleted ?

Also if a post is flagged and got hidden, is there a possibility for a staff to Restore the post to its original state ? and IF yes, What will happen if someone attempts to Flag it again ?

if this community had a report button instead of annoying flag, it would have been Awesome…

Make these discourse communities follow Vbulletin style where Reports must be seen by staff 1st before Post gets censored and Not like current style, Where a post gets hidden as soon as 2 or 3 People Flagging it.

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Did you have a look at the documentation on how flagging works? What happens when you flag a post
Usually, one flag does not hide a post.
Though these settings can be adjusted according to the dynamics of the community by the admin. So it is the admin who decides how likely posts are hidden. The software offers settings to configure that.
User Reputation and Flag Priorities

When you or someone else deletes your post, it is soft-deleted, so staff still see that there is a hidden post and have the option to restore it.

Deleting a user is permanent. But there are other options like suspending or silencing the user


That’s a problem, what if deleted by mistake ? There should be Restore option for Everything.

There is a guardrail in place that would prevent user deletion if they had over a certain amount of posts (delete all posts max, default 15).

Though a human would need to delete a user, so there’s already that safety-check in place as well (obviously human error is a thing, but between the two I think it cuts down on a lot of ‘sharp knives’/accidents).

Though, interestingly, the user data is deleted but the posts are not. They still live in the database, and can be searched for using a data explorer query (if people had the inclination to).

In general, I’d say that it would be quite rare for an established account to be accidentally deleted.


You can restore deleted posts & unhide posts.

If user is deleted then iirc that is permanent. However you can partially unAnonymize a user manually but is a bit of a pita.

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To Make this issue Less Complicated, The Community Should Remove the ability of Deleting accounts and Sites can only Ban accounts, For Example, This account has been Banned, If you think this is a Mistake, Submit a ticket here.

Check for Google with keywords Like

Loom Embedded Videos Brave
Fix Black Thumbnails Brave
Fix Double Avatars Brave

As you can see, All of the First Google Search Results Which Google shows are the topics which are started by me but those Links are inaccessible, This is not a Good Security Design, There Should atleast be an option to change ownership of the inaccessible Links to another account… Now, Even Admin said He could Restore the account/deleted posts of my 2nd account if there was a Possibility Existed… With this kind of Strange design currently in place where deletion is Permanent, it’s Not Possible…

My Main account is not deleted, I created a New account because My Main account was in draft Mode
which Prevented me from creating New topics…

i cannot see New Topic as i could only See Open Draft

I know of an alternative method to copy the Entire content to Copy and Paste in Google Docs but after i press Ctrl+X after selecting all contents and if i attempted to Close the draft window, it kept showing this warning

i was worried if discard button, since it also has delete icon will it End up deleting all uploaded images if it was used… Unsure how Reliable Save draft for Later will be and not ready to search where the save will be going to be take place… If there was 2 buttons shown simultaneously in the home page like New topic, open draft button showing up if drafts was saved in the account where all draft are being saved automatically, it would have been Great…

My New account has been deleted as human Error as Admin did not know it was my 2nd account which was flagged by system of discourse and admin deleted all Spam Posts/accounts all at once Without checking Manually all one by one…

From What i have seen, Discourse team has been actively Giving Excuses by Putting Blame on Something Else, So I will Give you a Possibility of 3 options where you can implement any one of these options which will Fix all Problems

  1. Remove the Option to Delete accounts/Delete posts for Admins, Provide them only ability to Ban Accounts and Hide Posts which will be Reversed back if a need for it was arised.
  2. Flagging Option Should be added along with Report System where Admins can choose between whether the community should follow Flag System or Reports System… Flag System Will hide Post after Receiving 100 or other Admin defined Flags or Report System where users can Report it with the Same Admin defined Report Limits(For Example 100 Reports by 100 different users)… With Flagging System, While a Post Receive 100 Flags, Post Gets hidden and Review request will be sent to Admin. With Reposrt System, Even after a Post Gets 100 Reports, Posts will still be alive and Needs Manual checking by Admin for any change to take place
  3. Flagging option only going to be the higher Level users and Forcefully increasing Flag limits to 100 and Giving the ability to flag for only users who has Earned atleast 50 Badges and been an active user for 3+ years… This will be aa Good Limitation is in Place as it Removes the ability of Just above anyone to Flag Posts and also Making users work on Earning Badges Which will make them to Engage in community more often, Gain Some Experience on Why they should find stop finding Everything offensive and flagging it.

Option 1 is Less coding Work… 2 and 3 are New ways of Innovating But Hard to Implement and will Require More time.

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This seems to be the root of your issue. Creating a second account to create more topic drafts is not a usual/reasonable method of handling that situation and would not be recommended. In fact, a lot of sites would discourage a single user having multiple accounts for a variety of reasons. It looks like you shot yourself in the foot with this one.

Ultimately, what you’re asking for is not currently feasible, and is unlikely to be picked up for any dev time.

I would suggest looking into other ways to draft your work to avoid this situation reoccurring.


You can also use a personal message you send to yourself. Then you don’t have the problem of images getting deleted because of the cleanup of unused uploads.


All bets are off if you switch accounts, try not to do that?

I think the primary discussion for this feature request is here?: Allow multiple ‘new topic’ drafts


Who are we to dictate how forum owners choose to run their community? We’re not Reddit. One of the many reasons for choosing Discourse is that forum owners have full control.

Quite frankly, removing the ability to delete accounts is not going to happen and ranting about that fact or our design choices is not going to change anything.

Account deletion is a required function of our software due to laws in many jurisdictions and it will not be removed.

Site owners have a choice around how they handle accounts on their site; we’re not going to dictate process to them.

If you disagree, you are free to create your own plugin and community where you disable the user deletion functionality.


I think I have found a Safe way to Make sure drafts are safe, I have used my own topic which has not received much new replies posted on a category 6 months ago(which is not Auto Locked after 60 days if no replies are being added)… I will save the Current topic draft as a Reply draft on My older topic and Instantly create a New topic with a New Subject without closing the current topic draft using discard Button(by Replacing the older topic draft subject with New topic and Posting it).

This will Make sure discourse does not end up deleting the images saved in the older topic draft(which was saved previously as the Images are now Moved and saved in older topic of Mine as a Reply draft).

I’m not sure that’s necessary in this case, so I wouldn’t go to the trouble. I think multiple topic drafts, or posts within a topic, is a known limitation and something we have a few topics on already.

I’m glad you found a workaround that works for you. :raised_hands:

I’m going to close this topic off now. :+1: