Super Admin feature or delay in deletion

if a post is flagged/deleted/hidden, it should not be deleted Right away, Just as how discourse has provided the right to anyone to hold so much powers to flag a post just because they dont like it… As users, we also reserve the right to ask for justice to higher officials of community and make them reverse the decision.

With the Current System, if a post is deleted, its deleted right away so there should be delay in deletion and the community should have a copy of it to Restore OR the Post should Never be deleted for 3 Months until it is Manually deleted by a Super Admin.

Posts are mostly soft-deleted and can be restored by site staff as and when required. [1]

Moderation of a site’s content is in the purview of the site staff, and I believe they already have the necessary tools needed to be able to facilitate that?

  1. with the exception of the hidden can permanently delete function ↩︎


There’s not really a technical solution for bad moderation unfortunately.

If you really feel like you’ve been wronged, you can make a new account and message the admin yourself


As usual While the community doesn’t Like to keep up with Arguments, they Lock it…

But to Finish up to this old topic,

My Final Point to add is,->>> If Something is Going to be deleted Which can be a Post or an Account, there Should be a delay like 72 hours So the Person Responsible for the Post or an Account can correct their Mistake. For Example, This Account/Post has been Reached Red Flag Status :triangular_flag_on_post:and it will be deleted soon within (72 hours Timer Running).

Flags Can have Green Flag and Red Flag

Green Flag

50 Flags for post or account → Post/Account will be unlisted automatically, People with the Link can still see the full post and the Person can Contact Admin for Review and Restore where once Restored, People cannot Flag the Restored Post or Account again.

Red Flag

100 Flags for post or account → Post/Account will be hidden and the warning of deletion will be sent to the users Responsible for post or account and the Person Needs to take action soon by Contacting Admin or Support team of the Site within 72 hours to Keep their Post/Account Safe.

Also, The Account owner Should be able to See Flag Counts in Real Time for all Posts.

Topics can be closed and/or removed for a variety of reasons. In the case of your support one, support was provided, the crux of your issue was identified, and you stated you’d found a better way. As it had run its natural course, the topic was then closed. This seems a very standard approach. :person_shrugging:

In the case of this feature request, while I sympathise with the situation you found yourself in, it would be completely negated by not creating a second account every time you wanted to create a new topic draft. These secondary accounts would not have the same reputation/credibility as your proper one and would be much more likely to trigger moderation actions (especially the sockpuppet ones), whether through auto-tools or human moderation.

Human moderators ultimately make the decision on post and account deletion, and I think that’s the best way to handle this. Adding extra technical complications may suit what you wanted in your particular situation but doesn’t translate well as a universal approach.

In sorry it’s not what you want to hear, but I’m afraid what you’re suggesting in this topic is not practical and is unlikely to be picked up for any development time.

And just as an FYI, if this topic becomes another place for you to vent about the particular issue you faced then this topic will likely be closed out as well. :pray:


Nothing wrong about Suggesting New Features While the Spam System is Aggressive and Not Getting it Right. Delay in deletion will Fix this issue and to add my Points, the topics Should not be in closed state as i don’t want to create 10 different topics for 1 issue…

No, we would rather you didn’t do that either. :slight_smile:

I believe you’ve raised the feature request, and you’ve received a reply. Let’s see if anyone else feels the need for such a feature. The more people who advocate for it the more likely it is to receive attention.

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