Is the a feature/plugin that allows you to pull in a Twitter feed?


Hi there, i’m considering discourse for a new community. Anyone know if this feature/plugin exists, where you can pull in a twitter feed like this (screenshot from Hootsuite’s phpbb community):


Sure, this should be pretty doable with vanilla Discourse.

Step 1: Figure out the html and JavaScript required to embed a twitter feed. Googling “show twitter feed on website” returns a ton of results. This will give you a section of html and JavaScript that you can probably just copy and paste without changing too much.

Step 2: Embed that html in your Discourse. Go to admin -> Customize -> CSS/HTML, and you’ll see a bunch of different places to put it.

You might have to play with the position and CSS a bit to get it working perfectly, but those are the basic steps.

(Simon Cossar) #3

This plugin is broken, but it could be updated.


Awesome guys thanks so much