Twitter Stream in Discourse

(Jeffrey Keefer) #1

I was just asked a question from one of our administrators and did not have any ideas, so am again turning to this wonderful forum here! The question is about a Twitter stream, such as around a tag. Is there a way a Twitter tag stream can in some way be integrated into Discourse so the participants can see that stream someplace? Thanks in advance.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I can’t think of any way other than linking to it in a reply. You could write a plugin.

(Jeffrey Keefer) #3

Thanks, @codinghorror. If only I had that skill set!!

(Joe Seyfried) #4

Well, basically, you could try to include Twitter’s JS code: Set-up Twitter for Websites — Twitter Developers
…to embed a timeline: Embedded Timelines — Twitter Developers - but: Discourse “eats” all attributes of that a tag which one would need to realize that. Is there any whitelisting mechanism built into Discourse one could use here?

(Simon Cossar) #5

Using the Twitter js code works. Can’t enter it in a post, but you can enter it as a plugin setting and display it in a template. Finding somewhere to put the widget could be tricky.

This is using the header-before-dropdowns plugin outlet.