Is the Free Discourse group website authentic?

Is this website real or is it fake?

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It’s real :slight_smile: You can read more about our free hosting plans in these two blog posts:


It’s asking for a source code but I don’t have one. Can I put my website link there instead?

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I have open source projects for roblox on pastebin.

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We are strict about the criteria for granting free sites. If you are applying for the Free Hosting for Open Source plan, you need to enter a link to your open source software project’s repository. If you are applying for the Free Hosting for Patreon Creators plan, you need to enter a link to your Patreon page. Unless that URL is provided and verified by us, the submission will not be considered.

Due to issues in the past with Roblox, we do not accept free forum requests for anything related to Roblox.


So not even any script in the language of lua? (well the script i have that works for the language lua works in roblox)

If I submit it, will it be approved or not? @simon

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You will need to have a need for a forum. It can’t just be a single-person project to be eligible for free hosting. As Simon said, anything related to Roblox will not be eligible for the free forum. In terms of something eligible, our forum initially was one of the free-hosters until we upgraded to Business Plan at a discount price. Here’s an open-source project that’s eligible(This is ours):
Thanks to Discourse, our forum is running with the best support available. Originally they had a higher-criteria, but they recently lowered it, but you’ll still need to have a good reason for a free-hosting. (1000 star requirement to none).

Additionally, Discourse’s source code is 100% free(, so if you want to, you can self-host it with 0 fees. Additionally if you just need a sandbox forum to try things out, you can always setup a developer environment and test some features there.


How could I do that?

There are a number of topics with the #dev-install tag that would be a great place to start.

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