Is there a good membership management system that is opensource?


I’m now running a discourse system on a club server. All club members will have a discourse forum account. While it is not enough for the club running. We have to have more information of the club memebers.

Is there an opensource club membership management system? Better can be collaborate with Discourse. That is “One Account for Two Systems”.

Is it hard to achieve?

Thanks for any help.


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What additional information do you need? Any reason this counldn’t be accomplished with custom user fields?

Hi, thanks.

As a club manager, I have to get the club users Real Name, Phone Number, Address, Profession and Company Name, or even their CV file.

How to edit custom user fields?

I’m not on PC, so I can’t share screenshots - but essentially:

Go to /admin.
Go to customize.
Go to user fields.
Add whatever field you like.
You can make the fields required, so users are forced to complete them upon registration. If already registered, they can complete them in user preferences.

Happy to answer more questions if you have them, but I’ll be slow to respond for the rest of the day.

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I’ve tried. I think it quite strange.

You see, when I add such items. A new subscriber truely have to add such information. While at the same time, but such dimension seems to be not exportable. As an an administer of the forum, I checked the new users information, but can’t find it in User>>Profile, while at the same time, the new user himself can see such information in User>>Profile.

And as an administer, I want to read/search and even change such information easily. But I didn’t see how to do this.

Finanlly, I still need the new users to upload their CV, but Customize User Fields does not support.


You could look at various membership plugins for wordpress and use wp as SSO provider for discourse.