Is there a topic page slider like there is for replies?

For easy topic replies reviewing there is the great right side “slider” - image bottom. Quick and painless. For the topic page I did not see the same slider?

Like LostArk (great, huge site) and others, many people will want easy “topic browsing” through perhaps 30 days (perhaps 3000) or more. 3000 topics at LostArk is too difficult to reach without something like the reply slider. Many people will think 30 days or more is old news but still around 30 days is relatively “fresh”.

Besides topic slowly scrolling down the side to find the 3000th topic in Discourse, is there a quicker method? The date schedule at the search control window is possible for topics browsing but much cumbersome compared to the “perfect” replies slider shown below.

The main point is - very easy sliding down on topics “enables” users to find more important information. They might find more users creating more topics.


Yes there is a slider on the right side of the Topics page. You can also use pg down / pg up to move through them quicker.

By “topic pages” the original poster means the pages which list topics, eg on a category page. I don’t think there is a slider like this, though it might be nice to have.


LostArk Discourse forum shows 2.4 thousand weekly 10.8 thousand monthly numbers of topics.

28 Admins!

Topic browsing can be used like this:

Users will occasionally use the search control like forum “historians”. 99% non historians won’t check more than a few pages of topics using the slider. So at LostArk and other very busy forums almost everybody won’t check topics older than a few days of news. But then very few Discourse forums are as big as LostArk. Non paginated forums always have right lower page numbers to allow really easy chunks of topics to review but still they most won’t check to say 200 topics.

Without a topic slider like the reply slider has, its like not being able to browse forum topics - like not being able to browse books walking easily down the corridors in “real” libraries - with or without categories! So for forums that have many important (to their users) topics there would have major benefit.


I hear you, but it is a very very complex problem and no such customisation exists.

I guess what you are suggesting is some sort of “fast browse” mode where you just drag stuff around and very quickly can scan through titles.

Where it gets tricky is that it is quicksand if we placed it on /latest cause latest is always changing.

However … I could see merit in a slider for certain orderings like:

At least that way the order is somewhat stable … and if you were last at topic 9783 of 109737, you could quickly scroll to 9783 again and continue your journey when there are 120333 topics.

Nothing like this exists yet though, but it is certainly an interesting idea for extremely high scale communities.

One interesting thing that could help is more liberal use of tagging, that way maybe lists can be a bit more manageable if the tagging structure is rich enough.