Is there a way of customizing the Slack transcript template to remove the formatting as quote?

When creating a transcript from Slack to Discourse using the (amazing!) plugin, by default the conversation gets created as a “quote”:

I like the look & feel of the transcript much more when it’s without the quote:

So I keep removing the quote manually and wonder, is there a way of changing this default transcript template to remove those?


Thanks in advance!


I was hoping that a customizable text template was used for creating the transcript. If the transcript was created that way, it might be possible to customize the template from the Admin / Customize / Text page. Unfortunately, the use of the quote is hard coded into the plugin here:

Looking at the code, it seems that it could be difficult to use a customizable template for this. I think for now you will have to manually edit the transcripts to remove the quote.

I agree that the example you have posted with the removed quote looks better. I’ll ping @david here to see if he has any ideas about this.

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Yeah agreed, I don’t think a translatable template would work too well. But we could add a site setting for quotes/no-quotes.

Personally I prefer the separation that quotes provide. It keeps the “fast lane” and “slow lane” separated, and is also a closer match to the quoting behaviour we have for Discourse Chat.


this would be fantastic.

I totally respect that, but there are many features that really seem to work better without quotes. Let me try to persuade you @david. For example, embedding Github gists or other Discourse topics don’t work in quotes, but if you remove the quote blocks, they get added nicely. Here is proof:

Embedding other Discourse topics for reference doesn’t work well in quotes

Same without quotes:

Code blocks are less visible because everything is greyed out with no contrast:

Here the same without quotes (added image that I manually copy-pasted from Slack):

Embedding code blocks from Github gives much better preview without quotes

With quotes:

Without quote block:


I’ve added a new site setting which can toggle this behaviour: FEATURE: Allow `[quote]` to be disabled for slack transcripts (#120) · discourse/discourse-chat-integration@cd6e4a8 · GitHub

That should be available on your site now @Anna_Geller. Let us know if there are any issues!


Works like a charm! :pray: Thank you so much for implementing this so quickly, this will save us so much time!