Is there a way to add a leaderboard to the home page?

I love Shopify’s new community redesign. Is there a way to do a leaderboard on the home page similar to theirs?


It’s definitely possible to pull in leaderboard information in a theme from /u, we don’t have a #theme-component available that does it… but it seems like a fairly common feature, so we should consider building one.


I love the shopify community layout… is there any way to get that kind of banner blocking??? where we can have a banner on top and then categories or latest posts followed by another set banner like announcements?


I’m sure someone could build it, but that’s one of the unfortunate things about Discourse. There is no easy way to make design changes. I think they should adopt no-code principles and democratize their development to be more inclusive. I work at Adalo, so I may be biased. But I do think it would propel Discourse past the competition.

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Just to let everyone know that we are still looking at this!