Is there a way to allow non-admins to approve users?

We have a closed forum that requires approval of all new users, I’d like to give some people the rights to invite and approve users.
Reason is that they’ll be in a different timezone from the admin staff and this would speed things up.

I’d prefer not to grant them full admin rights.

Is there a way to do this?

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I belive that moderators can approve users.


What about adding moderators in different timezone?

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@pfaffman you are completely right and correct, never realised that moderators had access to the admin menu

@railsID it takes quite a bit of effort to have 24/7 coverage :slight_smile:
More specifically, these are people that give trainings (the required documentation is embedded in our Discourse) all over the globe, so the specific timezone fluctuates.

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More surprising is having access to the admin menu and not understanding why some things are missing!

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