Is there a way to auto tag new posts in a category?

I’ve set up a “Bugs” topic, and I use tags to help me keep track of if I’ve reviewed them, confirmed them, fixed them, etc. etc. If I could have all new topics posted to that category tagged with ‘unconfirmed’ or something, that would be awesome. I poke around in settings and also on these threads but couldn’t find anything.

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I have a broken plugin that at one time allowed you to add a default tag to a category and have new topics be created with that tag. I’d probably do that differently now and think it’d take an hour or two to do it again, perhaps a bit more time with proper specs.

BUT, If you trust people to tag stuff and they can see the tags then you could create a tag group and require that a tag be included.

You could also use the assign plugin to assign stuff that you deemed a bug.

Here, a bug becomes a bug if a staff member :heart:s it.

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