Is there a way to have more emojis than Heart/Like?

You see most users coming from elsewhere are used to hitting not only hearts but happy faces, sad faces, worried faces, you name it. So only being able to hit the heart emotion on a post, is well, disheartening.

Sure, you might say well just post a reply packed full of emojis.

But I just want to push some kind of energy efficient Facebook style multi-valued Like button.

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Or a refreshing simplicity, no?

There’s a lot of links to and explanations for the design choice here:

In any case there’s a plugin for that:


Well okay. I’m just trying to change the world wide default just like that Zuckerberg guy did.

Anyway, what’s this about 10 minutes? Isn’t that against the Constitution of the United States of America?

Well I bet you guys let people delete things that they posted. So what’s this about the like button having to stay the same? Can"t people change their minds? I think this might get you guys in some legal trouble one day for misrepresenting a person’s current emotions or something.

Okay you’ve already notified the like recipient. So just do like Facebook just silently make things disappear … the notification disappear from the guy’s mailbox.

The mods here are very helpful. Just flag it.

I’m just trying to say if I like something I only have 10 minutes to unlike it.

Then it stays frozen that I liked it.

But some post that I made, I have more than 10 minutes to delete that if I want to.

So I’m saying the same thing should be the rule for likes too. A person should be able to unlike something anytime.

There is the post undo action window mins site setting that can be changed to tailor this for different sites depending on what behaviour an admin would like for theirs. There’s also one for post deletions too.

A lot of these things can be configured to suit each site how they would like it set up.


Okay, but I’m just the lowest of users, who snuck in here trying to get you to guys to change some worldwide defaults (skipping the middleman (site admins)).

Anyway, I still say that not allowing people to unlike something (even after a year) is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Would Facebook ever dream of that? So I’m thinking you should just rip that right out of the hardware… I mean software. So no admin could even get their hands on it.

As I understand, likes affects trust levels. This might be a reason to have strict rules for changing them.

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