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:discourse2: Summary Discourse Reactions allows users to React to a post from a choice of emojis, rather than only the Like heart. The available emoji selection can be set from the admin settings.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-reactions
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse

Bored of likes in discourse? Here’s something you will definitely love.


Discourse-reactions is a plugin that allows user to add their reactions to the post. This plugin can engage more audiences to the post. Users who may not have previously wanted to Like your content are now able to send more specific signals about how your content makes them feel. Users who may not have wanted to use their phones to post can now use them to “react” much easier.

Reactions can be different on each website as we have an amazing feature where site admin can set their list of emojis which can be used as reactions.

To customize the reactions use the site setting discourse_reactions_enabled_reactions and define emojis you want as reactions separated by | eg: open_mouth|cry|angry

This plugin will work as an add-on to the likes feature, anytime you want to remove the plugin, all likes will be preserved.


You can configure these Site Settings:

  • discourse_reactions_enabled To enable the plugin
  • discourse_reactions_enabled_reactions To define the list of enabled reactions, any emoji is allowed here. default: laughing|open_mouth|cry|angry|thumbsup|thumbsdown
  • discourse_reactions_like_icon To replace the like icon.
  • discourse_reactions_reaction_for_like To define the name of like reaction.

Creating a reaction

The reaction can be created either by clicking the like icon OR by hovering and selecting reaction from the reaction picker.


  • In Mobile to open the reaction-panel long press on like icon.

Screenshot 2021-03-15 at 10.14.04 AM

See who reacted?

On the left side of the post, there will be a list of reactions, by clicking on it, there will be a modal displayed with the list of reactions.

If there are only likes in the post, a list of reactions will not be available but there will be a like-count besides the like button. clicking on it will display the same modal.

Don’t want to see this whole modal? Just hover on the reaction-emoji in the list to see the recently reacted users (Available Only on the desktop site).

See Your reactions?

In the user page activity, there is an extra Reactions tab where you will find all reactions you made.

See who reacted to your post?

In the user page notifications, there is an extra Reactions tab where you will find all reactions made to your posts.


First Reaction Badge is granted to the user when they make their first reaction to a post.



Special Thanks

Special thanks to @joffreyjaffeux for being such a nice mentor and for being super helpful in everything :open_hands: and @team for helping us to make the plugin works perfect by finding bugs as much as possible.


Is it possible to select various skin tones for emoji without individually adding each one in the settings? My users have got used to being able to specify :+1: or :+1:t2: or :+1:t4: or :+1:t6: as appropriate.

no not yet, but we are considering adding an “open season” mode where anyone can select any emoji they want.


Is it possible to add custom reactions?

If so, is it possible to restrict them to users from a certain group?

For example, I admin a forum where people make feature requests, there is a team of people who map these requests in a backlog. It would be nice if this team could react to the posts with a custom reaction that indicates they have been mapped in the backlog. The reason being that the poster knows their request is acknowledged and the individual members of the team can see if someone else has already mapped it. This reaction should only be available to this team


I think you actually want to use tags for this. You can put tags in tag groups that can then only be used by certain users.


Hmm that is a good point, I didn’t know about the tags. Can they be added to a post though? or only topics?

I ask because we have some long topics where many suggestions have been made as posts and we would want to mark them individually

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Tags are a per-topic feature, so I guess that won’t work unless you want to break up these mega topics into separate topics that can then be managed individually.

You could possibly use Discourse Assign for this. Posts can be assigned to specific people, and you can specify a reason as you assign it that is visible to users.


I’m really loving being able to see in detail who reacted to posts with this plugin. It has caused another issue, though: we have some categories for anonymous topics (we’re using the always-anonymous plugin) but now everyone can see all the non-anonymous reactions on those posts.

Is there any way to turn off reactions for specific topics, or set permissions to only allow reactions by anonymous users?

Sorry for two posts in a row, but just as an addendum to the last post: if I try to react in anonymous mode nothing happens and I get an error

Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'i.likeAction.canToggle')

Which seems to refer to this code

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