Is there a way to insert a selectable 'mood' emoji next to users?


We’ve been having some discussion about community harmony and it’s touched on the way a jokey response from one user can be misinterpreted by another, particularly depending on how each is feeling.

It was suggested that if there was a ‘mood’ emoji next to each person’s name this could help. I.e. someone can show they’re in a bad space and so prevent it.

Just wondered if there is a mod or something out there we could conceivably adjust to do this? Or if there’s a facility we just haven’t noticed that can do this?


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You’d need a plugin. It would add a custom field for their mood and then add it to the serializer. With that in place you could have the login or a theme component add the mood… Somewhere.

Some the mood changes… What is I post today when I’m mad at everything and then today I am in a great mood? Does the post include my mood when I posted? This seems like a tricky thing to work out.


No, the idea is for your user detail to include that information so next to where your title is


So it would only update when you changed it on your profile, it wouldn’t be on the post.



One slightly labor intensive way is to upload a different avatar, but it would require everyone editing avatars regularly.

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You could have a set of groups that had a flair that they could join and leave. I have a plugin that sets group membership according to a user custom field. That might do what you want. A theme component should also do something based on their primary group.


Oh, thanks a lot. Is the flair thing a plugin?

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No. Flair is in the group settings.