Is there a way to leave a redirect post after moving a topic to a new category?

I’m currently converting a large Vanilla forum to Discourse. I introduced our demo site to our moderators and they have some questions. One question is whether there is a way to leave a post redirecting people to the new category if a topic is moved. They are used to this feature from Vanilla (emphasis mine):

Once you click move, you will see a dialog box allowing you to choose what category the discussion should be moved into, and whether or not you should leave a redirect link (usually only opted into if the post is browser bookmarked by a great deal of folks).

It’s essentially a link that appears in the topic list of the original category with a title: “Moved: $post_title”. When you click on it, you go to the post’s new location. The idea is if people are following just the one category, they can see what happened to a post when it’s moved elsewhere. Our volume is such that most regulars only spend time in a handful of categories. (And some just stick with our most popular category.)

I don’t think we need exactly this feature necessarily, but I’m wondering how this scenario is handled in Discourse.

Topics which move between categories aren’t affected, the category isn’t part of the URL and the topic ID will resolve even if the topic is renamed.

Moved topics won’t leave a placeholder.

Topic replies will leave an action which redirects users to their new location.

Totally makes sense. I get a feeling our users like the redirect feature not because of the URL change (though it does change on Vanilla) but because it can be hard to find where a topic moved to if you aren’t paying particular attention to the destination category. I also see the feature used as a way to crosspost in several categories.

Maybe a better way to phrase it is “How can I reassure my users that not having a redirect post will be fine?”

If they’ve participated in the topic they’re going to be notified wherever it is.