Is there a way to make part of a post visible to a user group only?

For example, in my category X (visible to groups A and B), I want to post a topic with contents:

**paragraph visible to group A and B (all users who can see category X)**

**paragraph visible to only group A**

The second paragragh should only be visible to group A.

Is there a way I can do that?

Thanks for any help.

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I’m interested in doing something similar as a way of enticing users to pay to subscribe to a category. A couple of possible approaches:

  • use CSS to hide some of the topic’s content for users who are not in group A

  • publish the first paragraph (or whatever seems appropriate as an excerpt) to a topic in a category that’s accessible to both group A and B and publish the full topic to a subcategory that’s only accessible to group A users.

For my case, I don’t think the CSS approach would be secure enough.

Any details you can share about why you are wanting to do this would be helpful.

It would be great to hear other ideas about how to accomplish something like this.


This seems like a workable solution for a plugin. A category custom field would indicate a category for the excerpt. A on_create callback would create the excerpt topic in the other category. A more sophisticated version would use a topic custom field and a before_save to track the excerpt topic and could update it when the source was edited.

If you’d like for me to develop such a plugin please contact me.

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Does whisper work for groups other than staff or moderators? I tried and couldn’t get it to. (I’m on a Discourse-hosted site)

Whispers are now group-allowed. :+1: You can add other groups to the whispers allowed groups admin setting: