Can I make some Topics in a Category which only certain Groups can see and participate in?

  1. Is this possible?
    I have searched for the answer to this and I have decided that this is ‘likely’ not possible right now but I want to be sure.

  2. Could it be done with a simple plugin (vs a complex plugin that only an expert could write)?

I do not want to make a Category which only certain Groups can see and participate in.

Also, a PM is not what I am looking for.

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I think that I should explain the reason that I want to create some Topics in a Category (not All Topics in a Category) that only certain Groups can see and participate in.

Lets say we have a ‘Red Lake Nature Camp’ discourse forum. The camp is a place where different groups of people visit for numbers if days. There are many Public Categories that all visitors can participate in. There are Groups created for each Visit of say the ‘2020-02-05LocalBoyScouts’ and that Group is composed only of the members of the Local Boy Scouts who attended the 2020-02-05 camping session.

There is a main forum Category called ‘Group Visits’ and a ‘Staff’ person adds a Topic called ‘2020-02-05 Local Boy Scout Winter Trip’ with a brief description of the Trip in the 1st topic post.

This works but, we would like to be able to limit the ability to see and participate in that Topic to only the 2020-02-05LocalBoyScouts Group.

The reason we want that TOPIC private to THAT GROUP, is that there is also a ‘2020-03-05GirlGuide’ Group and a Topic created by Staff for their ‘2020-03-05 Girl Guide Winter Trip’.

We do not want the Girls to be able to see and participate in the Boys Topic and vice versa.

There will be some families that visit the Camp that WILL want everyone to see and participate in their Trip Topic located in the same public ‘Group Visits’ Category, but as you can see there is a need that some Topics in that Category be limited to the Groups that visited the Camp. We would also have a ‘BoyScoutLeader’ and ‘GirlGuideLeader’ Group that would be added to all their respective Topics so that the Leaders can see and participate in all of their visits over the years.

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I think you’re asking the same thing as this topic, and the answer is no


Thanks for linking that Topic which I did participate in.

But that topic has a marked solution that does not suit my case, which is not the same as Jordans’ case.

And the other workarounds in that topic are just that, workarounds that are unnecessarily complicated.

On the plus side, I think my suggestion here would work for Jordan too.

The main difference, is that All visit Topics to my camp would be nicely filed in the Public ‘Group Visits’ Category, whether visible or not to all members of the Forum.

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It’s very likely to always be the case that topics do not have permissions and Categories do. If you want only people in THAT GROUP to be able to see something then you have to create a category just for THAT GROUP.

You could conceivably use tags and find a way (a plugin, maybe?) to have everyone who is not in THAT GROUP to mute that tag. This could keep them from seeing the tagged categories unless they chose to un-mute that tag (or your plugin coerced them to always mute it). If it would be merely annoying that people not in THAT GROUP not see the posts, this could be a solution.


Thank-you, that does not seem at first glance to be an expert mode plugin to code. I may give it a try since life is about learning :slight_smile:

And the Girls are annoyed with the Boys anyway :wink:

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It might not be too bad. This could be a start: GitHub - amical/discourse-watch-category: Watches a category for all the users in a particular group.


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