Is there a way to merge accounts?

I have a discuorse forum, or rather I am staff of one and I have a Twitter account I no longer use as my login method. Is there a way to change the Twitter account, or merge the account with another, maybe local account?

Nothing yet that I see, would be good to be able to at least bulk change ownership of posts / topics like mentioned in that topic. So far there isn’t an easy way to do this that I see.

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This gist might be something that will help with what you want to achieve.


Can you show me how to use that script

I am in the same situation as you. :weary: :sweat_smile:
I will be watching that gist to see if the author replies.

Now I know how to use that script. Just copy it to app/lib
Open rails console and type the last line of that gist (change username)

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Yes, we have a rake task now