Is there a way to "secretly" unlist posts?

Situation occurs that a topic deviates from the theme of the forum; however, this topic expresses opinions that may not be suitable for a straight-up deletion. What I’m thinking about is to unlist this topic, but the author could see the unlist icon on his topic, which may entice him into posting more irrelevant topics as a way to revenge.

To be able to unlist this topic is a way to deescalate, but the author seeing his post getting unlisted may escalate.

Is there a way to unlist the post, but without the author noticing that his post is unlisted?

I don’t think there’s a setting for this. The lowest effort option would probably be to display: none the icon in CSS & delete each auto-inserted note that the thread has been unlisted.

edit: This wouldn’t be impossible to discover by looking at the page source in the browser, but as it is immediately noticeable when the poster posts in their thread & it doesn’t appear at the top of Latest, I’m assuming we’re not trying to be massively sneaky here. They’ll almost certainly know.

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That is an interesting one. I wondered if you could leverage the Mute function in some way rather than Unlisting? The only one I can come up with so far is applying a default muted tag to the topic to remove it from people’s latest list, coupled with adding that particular tag to a tag group to make it only usable and visible to staff. Though adding the tag to the topic would leave a mysterious edit pencil where the history would show no change.

Having a button in the topic wrench to ‘mute for everyone apart from OP’ might be useful though.


Aside from the intricacies of the individual topic, with regards the user it sounds like you almost want to shadowban them?

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You’ve read my mind! I actually read your linked page before I post this topic. It’s a good idea, but at this moment it’s just the singular post that I want to get rid of. If this user persists, then yes I would like to use this feature you mentioned.