Is there a way to tell a Discourse forum to load all replies/posts in a thread

I understand that discourse hijacks CTRL+F because not all replies are loaded in the DOM so a browser CTRL+F may not find things that ARE in the thread.

This got me wondering about something else I’ve been wanting to find out.

I get why modern sites load/unload content dynamically.

Is there a way tell Discourse to load all replies in the DOM so I can see them all in the page at one time? Not this asynchronous thing it does not where scrolling down removes content at the top, and vice-versa.

I totally get why D hijacks the CTRL+F but I think it is important to understand that this dynamic loading/unloading of content does not work for all brain types.

I find navigating Discourse very difficult. I’d much rather load everything so I can navigate it how I need/want.

Is that possible? If not, could a feature request be added?