Threaded comments when using Discourse for website comments?

I am looking into using Discourse for comments on a website of mine.

Is there a way to display the comments in a threaded style, like Disqus does by default (Example: Optimized Ionic-Angular CSS Bundle for PWA // Julien Renaux Blog)?

(After reading through Plugin: Ask me anything or Q&A format (threaded replies) and related and similar topics, this doesn’t really seem to be supported (yet))

Discourse displays replies in flat form,though the threading is clear from the formatting. Discourse will likely never display threaded comments.


What do you mean by that?

Look above this post in the top right, you’ll see your avatar, showing that I clicked “reply” on your earlier post. You can click it to expand.

Similarly, you can see on your post above that it says “2 replies” - click that, and this post will appear underneath


Thanks, got it.

Hiding the “replies” in the direct view and triggering all these AJAX requests would be the view I am looking for :wink:

why won’t it display threaded comments ever?

It’s a fundamental decision behind the design of Discourse, see this blog post from one of our co-founders for more details Web Discussions: Flat by Design


@danyalamriben, take look at my plugin:

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Thank you, we’ll try this out and report back!

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