Is there an option to hide part of the post from users which aren't moderators/admins? Also – any good RPG plugins out there?

Is there a plugin which resembles [HIDE] BBCode from the old days of phpBB? I know that a lot of people used it for hiding post content from anonymous users or users who didn’t reply in the given topic, but I want a different feature - to be able to hide post partially and not only from guests, but from non-moderators too. Is it possible yet?

The reason is – I’m running an RPG adventure through Discourse and I want for my players to be able to hide parts of their character sheets from the eyes of other players. Some of it should be visible, some – not. [HIDE] BBCode did that very well. Now we’re using private messages, but that’s suboptimal.

Also - any good RPG plugins out there yet?

Not yet (maybe look at staff whisper /admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=whisper)

Not Yet

Is it good enough if the text is in the json but not displayed on the page? It might not be hard to modify the Discourse Spoiler Alert plugin to reveal text only to members of some group or staff. If someone wanted, though, they could look at to see the hidden text.

Making it really available only to some users would be a good bit more difficult, as it would require something more complicated, perhaps encrypting the text and providing a decryption key in the json load only of moderators.

From my point of view, staff whisper is too limited, without the ability to edit it when character sheet changes or to style it as its author see fit.

Unfortunately not, beacause my players tend to be crafty and they like to use any exploits they find. If something gets pulled to their machines from the server, they’ll surely notice.

Interactive Fiction is almost RP(G):

Discourse Frotz - an Interactive Fiction game bot :game_die: - plugin - Discourse Meta

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Probably what you really want is a more bespoke plugin that implements the character sheet as, say, a UserCustomField that processes it when it adds it to the serializer. But if you need more than one card per user, it would probably make more sense to build it out as a separate model. It’s all doable with time and/or money.