Is there any one who can migrate data on my existing Discourse Website

What would you like done?
Hello to Everyone, So Basically i want to Transfer data from another website to mine, for your reference here is the link to database files, GitHub - ceefour/hadith-islamware: Hadith database from Islam Ware
i want to import this data on my website, at the moment what i was doing is copying pasting stuff manually, which was taking too much of my time, so if anyone can copy the above database files on my discourse than please let me know
When do you need it done?
Honestly, i don’t know much about the migration process, but one thing i will mention, i need this to be done as quick as possible, i don’t want to wait weeks
What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
I am open to all reasonable offers, this is a non profit project, and if someone available to provide voluntarily services then it will be really appreciated, otherwise i am available to pay the reasonable amount for this task,


Hi Ali,
Hello from Pavilion. Sending a PM for this.


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