Is there any option to bcc all the emails sent by Discourse

We need for audit purposes to have a copy of all the emails sent into a special inbound audited email address.

Is there any option in which I can configure discourse to bcc all the emails it is sending?

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The best way would be to set up a mail server that s compliant with your logging needs and have discourse use that. A decent sysadmin should be able to do it in an hour or two (probably less time than a plugin will take) and it will be easier to maintain.


Unfortunately this is not an option as it is considered to be a “man in the middle” :frowning:

If you control the man in the middle or doesn’t seem like a problem, but facts often don’t matter in corporate environments. How does your system log mail sent by your users? Can you use that system? For your mail delivery? Would a man in the middle on the same server be OK?

But you can make a plugin that would cc mail to a third party. That way you’d have a man not in the middle.

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Until now we were using a functionality offered by to BCC all the emails which were sent using their API, but for some reason they decided to discountinue that functionality.

Does discourse use one single function to send emails? If yes, maybe we can tap into that and add the bcc automatically.

How was sendgrid not a ‘ man in the middle’?


If you explain the purposes, we’d likely be able to make a recommendation. It sounds like a thing by a service was working, and you want that thing to keep doing it. We can’t make that thing work, but we can solve general computer problems, even those around email auditing. :slight_smile:

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