Is there any plugin to rate sellers?

Hello guys,

I have installed this plugin:

But what I would like is one plugin that could be able to rate the trade of the user, in order for others, in the future, know if that user is a good or bad seller.

Is there anything like this?

PS: Sorry if this is not for support, but I couldn’t post in the Plugins category.


How do you envision this working? Can you provide some example UI or other websites that do this?

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Yes, @mingogomes is my chief redactor. He didn’t know that I had opened a thread to ask the same thing.

Well, the first image is mine, my id of a forum called hard2mano. It’s a closed forum, you enter in 2 ways, invitation, and another way, but it’s not the time to explain it.
As you can see in my profile you can see the wall of fame and there are collecting data such as when was the sale/purchase if it was positive/negative, a brief description of the treatment given/received and a brief description of the article sold/bought.
All of this helps users know whether to trade with the user. Imagine a user who sends everything on pizzahut wrapping paper, they exist!

The second image is like an indication of the times that I have been punctuated in all aspects, including warnings from moderation.

One of the open forums you could see or consult on this topic is [VENDO] Placa Asus Maximus VIII hero Within its buy/sell section you will find a very similar style. Your own hall of fame, etc…

We would like something similar



This is also managed in SMF with Karma points. This would be a nice to have as an add-on, the possibility to rate users and every admin can choose what does that rating means.

Maybe a useful user with relevant answers, or maybe a trustable user in a marketplace.

Having the choice to only have the rating plugin active by category, theme author, things like that. The issue would be to do the plugin flexible enough for multiple uses/meanings without making it too complex.


Just an idea … but you could solve this also with Discourse badges. For example … after sale you show purchaser possibility to give thumbs up-down but you assign a custom badge to user.

As I said … just an idea.

Trading Buttons plugin doesn’t identify buyer when topic is marked as sold … there’s no “transaction” as such. This plugin is simple for a reason … full sell-purchase/purchase-sell system would be very very complex :slight_smile:


Here’s a thought on the subject. There are a lot of ways user ratings could be used on a forum, largely dependent on the type of forum.

Could this overlap with a general rating system for a user’s topics and responses? With there being different forum styles, such as a Q&A, discussion, and buyer/seller ratings, would it be possible to have all of these in one plugin rather than 3+, or would it be necessary to have different ratings, one for one’s trustworthiness in the market, one for the quality of someone’s questions and answers (like Stack Overflow), and one for the quality of one’s discussions?

The need to leave reviews in a marketplace setting is obviously one place that would be divergent, but couldn’t that be handled by a plugin setting to allow user feedback on why they gave a rating in the first place?

Is there any overlap with the following plugin?


It is a very useful plugin the truth and could be the base of a rating history. But we would still need the ability to make public a resume of the average sales/purchase rating as well as access to its history with specific data of who sold to, etc…
The topic plugin only allows you to rate that topic without generating a history. :frowning:

Hello member @Franksssss, I am also looking for such plugin. Have you found any?

Not yet. The truth is that it would also be useful to us, but no one has told us that it is capable of doing it or how much it would cost.

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Is there anyway we can request Trader Feedback Plugin to developers?

I couldn’t tell you, in theory it’s not just for that, it would be very explicit. You could hire a developer

Hi all,

I’d also be interested in such a plugin like this. I like what @Franksssss suggests, some component close to the username to rate the user. I would also propose to have a kinda ranking with the most rated users, more in general (maybe under /about?).

This could be a great fit into the forums used for selling stuff.

What do you think, any further idea?



Would love this for my community, as it’s based around trade.

Here’s a system you can use:

  • Create a “Seller Feedback” category
  • Every seller creates a topic in that category, and adds the link to that topic to their profile under the “Featured Topic” field.



Checkout this TRADERS FEEDBACK at XenFro Forums

Just a thought, Discourse can introduce a Plugin like this :slight_smile:


anyone ever develop something like this?

Nope, I wish, but not yet. They do have a topic rating plugin. On my website, each user gets to have one trade list thread in a specific trading section. Then people can rate their thread.

@Bill i am working on paying for the functionality we’re both looking for


@P2W Nice to hear that anyone from the community is going to take the initiative, so any progress with the plugin yet :smiley: ? Please do share the updates. Thanks!!

I‘m also really interested in that sellers rating plugin :slight_smile: - Do you have any progress yet?