Is there any plugin to rate sellers?

Here’s a thought on the subject. There are a lot of ways user ratings could be used on a forum, largely dependent on the type of forum.

Could this overlap with a general rating system for a user’s topics and responses? With there being different forum styles, such as a Q&A, discussion, and buyer/seller ratings, would it be possible to have all of these in one plugin rather than 3+, or would it be necessary to have different ratings, one for one’s trustworthiness in the market, one for the quality of someone’s questions and answers (like Stack Overflow), and one for the quality of one’s discussions?

The need to leave reviews in a marketplace setting is obviously one place that would be divergent, but couldn’t that be handled by a plugin setting to allow user feedback on why they gave a rating in the first place?

Is there any overlap with the following plugin?