Is there any theme for mobile?

The users are really confused by the marked area.

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Hello there @naikun,

What exactly do your users get confused about?

I think it is too much control component show up together, i am confusing too sometime.

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Thanks for your reply.

  1. Some users ask me why they use the icon for reply, bookmark, flag on the topics, and then use the dopdown box at that point( the red maeked area).They advise change the dropdown box to icon.

  2. Is any way to increase the width of watched button, make the chinese text of button in one line on mobile view?

I am not sure they are right, because I am newer to discouse too, but I think it will be better on mobile view.


Aren’t the marked areas your admin controls? Log into your forum as a regular user and you won’t see much of it.

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From my view on mobile as a regular user, the topic on likes this:

The texts of watched botton are two lines too.

These are called “Topic Controls”. I’m not aware how you can selectively limit these from the admin settings. I only see options for the post menu.

If you want them totally gone on mobile, you could add this to your theme’s mobile css:

#topic-footer-buttons {
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About the words warpping problem i was asked the same before.