Is there any way for my members to see members who have been banned?

How do I make my members see who’s been banned on a list like moderators and admins see?

I don’t think it’s possible to have a public list of them. What would be the purpose?


Transparency purpose! My members charge a lot why the person was banned, why, when it happened, how long they will be banned, why I wanted it to be public for everyone to see!

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Then you would need to publish a list with those details and add to it.

theme-component Insert Table may help with making listing more refind.

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It’s just that in the Discourse itself there is a banned list that is automatic, it would be interesting to release this for all other members to see, since it wouldn’t be a big deal in terms of security and on top of that it would make more transparent what happens in the forum, where I can i make this suggestion?

Such shamelists works almost never, not even as a public example/warning. Those serves only something what we here up in the north call social pornography.

If you have to ban all the time users is the real issue, but this can be a cultural question too.

Could setting hide suspension reasons be a middleground solution?



Features suggestions go in feature, but I can foresee that the reply will be something like “it’s not a good idea, there won’t be any official such feature or theme component” :slight_smile:

I agree with Jagster.

I think a public, permanent, full list of banned people probably wouldn’t bring good.

However, if you ban someone, you can create a topic or post, which explains publicly why this person was banned. This message would be for an informative purpose and a warning for other problematic users.
No need for a detailed list.

Asking users not to discuss the ban can also be done if you feel it.

Some forums do it. Usually, the message conveys: “It’s our forum, there are rules, we’ve given warning(s), they’ve not listened, no more to argue”.

Some forums are willing to discuss the matter, it’s your call. It depends on how you manage your forum, how serious is the issue, how the community behaves, and many other factors.