Is there any way to change the list of time intervals when pinning a topic?

I always have troubles picking an interval for pinned topics, and the proposed options are some of the most non-intuitive I’ve ever seen.

Like if I want to pin the topic for one month, there’s no such option. It can only be “next month”, which is in 10 days, and that’s less than “2 weeks”, which is the option that comes before it. If I want to pin it for two months, that’s great there’s an option for that… except, no it will only pin it for 1 month and 10 days (till the 1 March).

It feels like there was an attempt to pick smart intervals or something but it’s definitely not intuitive, and not everyone wants to pin a topic till next Monday or till the first day of next month - often (in my case, always) you simply want it there for x days.

So I’m wondering is there any option that can be set to give a more logical list of options? Or are there any plans to review the current list? Perhaps it could be:

  • Next week (Next Monday)
  • One week (In 7 days)
  • Two weeks (In 14 days)
  • Next month (1 Feb)
  • In one month (In 30 days)