Is TL4 "Make Wiki" Delay intentional?

It seems that TL4 users are unable to convert a post into a wiki until that post is at least 5 minutes old. Based on feedback from the admin at my primary forum (@PJH) there does not appear to be any settings to change this timeframe.

  • Is this 5 minute delay intentional? If so:
  • Why is it not configurable?
  • What is the reasoning behind making TL4 users wait 5 minutes before making a post a wiki?

My guess is it relates to the “Grace Period” posts have for editing. Not sure why it prevents the Wiki setting though…

The “Grace Period” (ninja period, in the vernacular) is only about a minute where this has been observed.

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Ah, well then, that rules out that possibility :slight_smile:

54 seconds. For some reason…

[postgres@sofa ~]$ psql -d discourse -c "select uh.updated_at, username, previous_value, new_value
from user_histories uh
join  users u on
where subject='ninja_edit_window'
order by uh.updated_at asc;"
         updated_at         | username | previous_value | new_value
 2014-06-25 15:56:02.054118 | dhromed  | 300            | 60
 2014-07-15 16:05:28.750162 | PJH      | 60             | 300
 2014-07-15 16:05:33.381305 | PJH      | 300            | 60
 2014-10-29 00:50:43.081509 | system   | 60             | 54
(4 rows)

[postgres@sofa ~]$
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It should also be noted that this only affects TL4 users. Staff users are able to make posts of any age into wikis.

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This was a bug, which I have fixed in this commit:

As always, thanks for letting me know about it!


I think @eviltrout just fixed this