Issue in image/text preview when writing a message

There is a weird behavior in the preview when having a blank line before or after a text around pictures.

No issue here:

If I add a blank line before the text, the text begins on the right side of the first picture.

If I add a blank line after the text and if the text is short, the text is displayed on the left side of the second picture:

If the text is longer, the issue will disappear.

This is only in the preview panel, in all of these cases the final post will have no layout issue.

The issue also won’t appear if the text is not between two images, or if the image in the preview is wide enough to take all the preview panel width.

I use Chrome on Windows 10.

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I am unable to reproduce this on meta. Can you create the problem here on a reply to this topic?

Yes, I did the screenshots here on meta.discourse and it happens also on my own Discourse.

I also tried again while using Edge and the problem happened too.:

Also, the issue seems only to happen when you upload an image (I pasted the cats directly in the text area), not when you paste an image link to show the picture.

Here’s a gif:

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