Issue open pre-filled composer

I have already made a topic that gives me information about how to open the composer with pre-filled information, besides, I got some useful answer about working with actions too, those Topics can be found at:

However, I face the problem that the composer gets open but it doesn’t open instantly, instead, the app moves to: /latest URL and once the loading there finishes THEN the composer opens. In that sense, I am posting this in order to know if there is a better way to ensure the composer opens without load a new page so it can be open instantly (as soon the user click the button) The code I use looks like:

_openComposerWithParams($form) {
    var serializedData = $form.serialize();
    var pathToOpenComposer = `/new-topic?${serializedData}`

    // open composer using query params

and of course, I have a preventDefault on the form submission to avoid redirections.

$form.on('submit', (e) => {

PD: I am publishing all these topics around quite the same context not because I stop to make my research and wants someone does my homework but to actually helps someone else with the same problems.

Lastly, I didn’t mark this as a “BUG” cause sounds more like I am doing something wrong cause I do not think this is the expected behavior.

You could do something like this in your button’s action:

const { CREATE_TOPIC, DRAFT } = require('discourse/models/composer').default;

composer = Discourse.__container__.lookup('controller:composer');{
  action: CREATE_TOPIC,
  draftKey: DRAFT,
  title: "Pre-filled topic title!",
  topicBody: "Pre-filled topic body goes here"

You can pass additional data to the composer’s open() method such as tags, category ID, target usernames if you’re sending a message and so on. There are a lot of clues in this file: