Issues with Discourse Category Experts Plugin

Hello Discourse Support Team,

I’m a fan of the Discourse forum platform and have been enjoying its features. Recently, I decided to explore the discourse-category-experts plugin, but I’ve encountered two significant issues that I would like to bring to your attention.

  1. Approval Interface Error:
    When I receive an endorsement from a category expert, the approval interface displays an error, making it impossible for me to view any relevant information about the pending approval. The error message reads as follows:
    [ count=undefined]
    Endorsed by ([missing %{count} value])

  1. Checkbox Display Issue during User Recommendation:
    When forum users attempt to recommend someone as a category expert, the checkbox before the category does not visually show the click state. However, the checkbox is indeed clickable, and the submission button becomes active. The recommendation request can still be successfully sent.

I’m uncertain if these issues are known to the administration or if they are unique to my setup. My Discourse version is v3.2.0, and the discourse-category-experts plugin version is adcd2687.

I appreciate your prompt attention to these matters and would be grateful for any assistance in resolving these issues. Thank you for your time and support.

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