Category Expert Endorsement Function

Hi, we’re thinking of adding this plugin.

I’m a bit unclear about this step: so when the endorsements reach a threshold, they’re added to a list for review by … site admins? moderators?

What I’d like is to have a peer review process. Our site is in Buddhist texts, and the basic requirement for expertise is proficiency in the original language. So we can nominate an original pool of experts, then they get to add experts when they are reviewed. Is that possible?

I can imagine cases where we might want to add an expert badge manually. For example, maybe there’s a senior domain expert who doesn’t visit the site often, but pops by occasionally to make a comment, which may not get much attention or traction. Still, their expertise is valued. Is there are way to manually add someone as expert?

Once a user has picked up enough endorsements in a particular category (default 3) they appear in the Review queue for approval by an admin:

The review is currently admin only, though existing experts would be able to endorse the ‘candidates’ and their endorsements would likely be considered more reliable when an admin sees them in the review queue.

You can manually add members to the specific Category Experts groups at any time (as admin or group owner), and sidestep the endorsement process. :+1: If you have the moderators manage categories and groups admin setting enabled, it allows for moderators to manually add users to the group too.

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