Issues with homepage

I don’t have the “Raleway” font, so it’s falling back to Arial, which makes a few things look weird. Can you pick a batter 2nd font?

  • The first paragraph seems to be talking about forums but saying ‘forum software’. I don’t believe that software is a group of people.

To us, forum software is a group of people interested in a common topic who are willing to type paragraphs to each other on a web page.

  • The text after this feels like it lacks a point that it’s supposed to be trying to make. I think it needs a rewrite (not that I’d be any help with that).

Right now when you install a brand new forum, what you get is a virtual tin shack in a wasteland. It’s up to you to build up civilization from scratch every single time. …

It’s like: “Most of them fail, making ghost towns. But with better software, we can make…uhhhh… better ghost towns?”. As the team themselves have said, the success of a forum largely depends on the community, and it’s a shame that people have been stuck with the old crappy forum software. Anyway, that part needs a rewrite.

I see that the FAQ was updated sometime recently, and it looks good. No suggestions or complaints from me at the moment.

That’s odd, it should be pulling the font down from Google… anyway I’m changing the font away from Raleway… there were some wonky Windows kerning issues, and it could be a bit more readable in general.

The Blog already has the new one, which is the thematically appropriate “Open Sans”.

Curious: Do you see Arial on the blog too?

No, I don’t, I see what I’m guessing is “Open Sans”. Arial isn’t an explicit fallback, so that’d be impossible - I’m pretty sure my sans-serif is the Ubuntu font.

By the way, the blog looks nice!

I believe this is fixed now.

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Yes it should be! everything is open sans now. Should have updated this post ages ago!