Sweet Discourse!

Let me tell you why I think Discourse is the best, forum software out there now, please know this is my personal opinion and is now a general fact, but could be one sooner or later…

Discourse is forum software in development, with many features that forums don’t have today, nor would they come to a point where they will have these amazing features that are still in development, such as the live previewer with the editor, makes creating content, a lot more easier, and you know that you won’t screw up because it’s on the right of your screen! What forum software has that? None that’s Implanted, and it’s even able to use Grammarly, which I am currently using, so it’s compatible! You can even go do something in the editor as your thinking about what you’re going to type. Come on, isn’t that just awesome or what?

The next feature I think that is great is the less loading and more reading. I mean, don’t you hate the entire website reloading again just to get to the next page? If you have a bad internet connection, it would be awful and terrible. But wait, Discourse gots you fam! See Discourse doesn’t have to reload because it’s awesome! :+1: Okay, not just that, but it uses something called, “Ajax” which is the future of technology. Loading a websites components without reloading or refreshing, saving a lot of time, and bandwidth, Discourse highly makes use of this and makes everyone happy creating the concept of never refreshing.

Another thing that makes Discourse so amazing is it’s anti-spam system! Huh, don’t you love that? I mean who likes spam just overloading their community and members with awful, or terrible, or just massive messages? Nobody, I can tell you that for sure. And the way Discourse loads the messages, just makes it so smooth, like make a sandbox of Discourse, now copy and paste a massive amount of spam and let it load. Now if you check it out on another computer or phone, it loads smoother than sandstone! And that’s pretty smooth!

The last thing about Discourse that I love is not simply a feature that can be created, or a plugin that can easily go into Discourse, it’s the great developers of Discourse, Now I know I have made a first bad impression, but seeing how helpful and kind they really are towards others made my soul go to heaven. They get money only from sponsors and server renters for Discourse, and they have made their project open-source by choice, as they help others getting nothing back except for feedback from them. The Discourse developers are those guys who would dedicate their lives to a project, just to make everyone happy.

I think they should deserve major thanks from the community, so PM or Mention them, and tell them how thankful you are for them creating the future of forums, the future of technology, the future, of Discourse. Thank you for reading.


Apparently Discourse is not so great, because it lets its users write their entire posts with italics…


Lol, but the great part about it is that you can ask the user to remove the Italics :smiley:


Pfft, now you destroyed my joke ;/.


Actually, what @ShadowPauler did was make use of the advanced time travel features built into Discourse.


Hear, hear! SO many props to give… not enough time in the day!


This is a great thread. I really like it! in fact, i like it so much this is my first post on Discourse. I was attempting to get phpBB working on nginx server and well let’s just say what was king in 2000 might not be king now :slight_smile:
Anyway, great post!