Issues with emails and Markdown

I am trying to move a group from Mailman to Discourse. Some of the people will want to stay in the old world and only interact with the forum by email.

html emails arriving in the forum are usually a mess with parts missing and incorrectly formatted. Those sent as pure ascii are again processed by Markdown and not identical to the original email. Notifications from the forum can also be a mess with text missing and sometimes just the graphics. I am sure many of you will have seen this before.

I have been looking for switches and options to remove all of this processing of emails before they are placed in the forum or even config parameters that can be edited but as yet have not had any luck finding them. All I want is for someone to be able to type a simple email and for it to arrive in the same format in the forum post.

Does anyone have any pointers for me over how I can fix this or should I look at another package to solve my problem?

Many thanks



Hey @peteratkins, welcome to the forums!

Can you provide some examples of emails that resulted in bad formatting after being imported?

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OK so this email was sent

what was received is

We have a final decision to be made about the setup of the Forum
Currently we have a TTP Higher-Ed Mailing List and a K12 Mailing List
Initially the plan was/is to move the users from these respective lists into a similarly named Forum category
At day one everyone in will be set to ‘watching’ in a forum so they are emailed notifications for each post
Now the questions:

  1. We could put all of the users into both Forums and educate the user on how to login and switch the category they are not directly interested in to tracking, watching first post, normal or muted. See the bell icon top right at the top of the Advisory Board Category. This would then allow them all to post and view in each category.
  2. We could put all of the users together into one Forum just called TTP.
  3. We could restrict each group from seeing the posts of the other group.

Please let me have your feedback on this as soon as possible
Dr Peter Atkins

which is not too bad.

But looking the other way. The following notification post came from the discourse system and when this was included in a reply (which agreed is not a great idea) the following arrived in the forum

OK I can’t send the one with multiple graphics as your system will not allow me to include the links

sorry can’t send the email as it has multiple links

OK so I will have to resort to words

Any line in the html causes everything below it to be removed from the desitination post.

Any blank lines between sentences are removed

when to you send back an email reply containing information from the notification email where there is a graphic, the persons name and then some text below - what arrives in the post is just the graphic with no name or text so you just get a list of the avatars or uploaded profile graphics

You can post HTML as code blocks.

I have put the information together in the attached email

  • gee new users cannot upload attachments!

explain how to paste the email into a code block please and I will try that


Please look at ‘For Rafael | Technology Transfer Partners’ and this will show you the pdf file I was trying to send

I feel your pain

Have you try these options:

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Thanks for that Benjamin