It is impossible to select the desired category in the drop-down list in the administrator's "settings"

I wanted to use this function, but for some reason I can’t select the category I need (when I click on the category name), nothing happens :man_shrugging:

Does this mean I have to do some additional customization on my site or install a specific theme plugin/component?

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@awesomerobot please forgive me :pray:, I just discovered that a similar error exists on my site and for many other functions :pensive: Perhaps my question should be addressed support

When did you last update you site?


I update my site every day with new commits, although sometimes I wonder if I’m updating the site prematurely. Perhaps I need to wait for the notification to appear about the need to update the site :thinking:

This was fixed a couple days ago, if you haven’t updated yet you should.


Thank you :raised_hands:, yes, I updated and the error disappeared :+1:

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