&hellip is shown as text in choosing the category

in the create topic panel, when there’s no un-categorized category a text is supposed to be shown:
select a category ...

but the &hellip is not working after an update:

Please make sure you are on the very last version of Discourse.

the uncategorized selection is shown in the category list though we don’t allow uncategorized topics in the admin panel.

This is also happened after a recent update.

Interesting, I have removed a part of this code as it was clearly not working, but maybe I misunderstood part of it, will fix it today.


the &hellip issue has been resolved after an update, but the uncategorized selection is still there in the options of the menu when creating a new topic.

I have developed the fix, bit it’s not deployed yet as it implies other changes, should be done in the next 24 hours.


@Pad_Pors should be fixed