It would be nice if discourse allow embed Reddit Videos

Reddit allow embedding but code does not work on discourse.


Meron kayong family reunion tapos biglang may nagbanggit ng usapin tungkol sa lupa.
by u/mark_mags95 in Philippines

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Is there any settings we need to enable?

I made a theme component that will take strava and garmin oneboxes and make them into embeds in the browser (GitHub - literatecomputing/runners-onebox-theme: Custom oneboxes for Garmin and Strava).

The same approach could be used to make the stock onebox into the embed code described in the other topic.

I suppose the same approach could be used for a PR to do it in core.

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Yes, that’s the current status.

No, because no one has implemented the video embed feature for Reddit yet.

This feature request is well-tracked at Embedding redesigned reddit topics with video. Let’s centralize the discussion there, shall we?