ItemList Schema Structured Data Error

Into Topic, when inbound link added then It will generate “ItemList” schema structured data. There is error found in URL schema tag.

Please check below image for reference.

Developer’s guide to Discourse Themes


The errors I’m seeing when I enter into are Two or more mutually-exclusive properties used in a single structured data item and Missing field "url".

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Thank you for your reply.

Can you confirm that this is bug or not? or is there any solution for remove that error?

Sorry for the late reply to this. I’m not sure if it qualifies as a bug, but it affects a lot of topics on Meta, including the topic that defines what a bug is: Category definition for bug.

We’ll get this fixed.

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This is now fixed in the above commit. @PoojaPatel check the page again after upgrade using the Google’s new test tool which Simon mentioned above.