It's not possible to change min/max parameters of polls

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create a post with a poll of type multiple
  • Immediately edit the poll and add or change the min or max parameters
  • Save your edited post

Expected behavior:
The poll should use the values of the min or max parameters that have been set during the edit.

Actual behavior:
The preview during the edit shows the correct help text (“You must choose at least 2 options.”).

But after saving it still shows the original help text (“You may choose up to 3 options”) and voting for one option is permitted.

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I did the exact same thing as you said, as soon as I created the poll and edited it, I changed the parameters. The message stayed the same. Is this what your talking about?

Yes, exactly. All edits of the poll’s parameters are completely ignored.

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Hmmm, something’s fishy. Will have a look when I get back.

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Tested locally and confirm this has been resolved.


I lied previously :stuck_out_tongue: This will be fixed once

is merged in.