Job exception: wrong authentication type none

I have the error in the title of this post when Discourse tries to send emails (so I couldn’t complete my initial setup). I do not want discourse to try to authenticate at all against the SMTP service so I set this setting in my app.yml:


Why is it still trying to authenticate?

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I fixed my issue. I removed “required” settings like username and password that make no sense in an unauthenticated context and rebuilt. It now works just fine!


On my config, which also uses unauthenticated email, I “removed” by replacing with a double quoted empty string: ""

I don’t know if that is more or less than needed, since I don’t have a strong sense of YML. But I know that trick works in a lot of computer contexts for “zero length string”.

Removing keys in YAML has the same effect as removing them in JSON. It’s up to the code that reads the data to decide what it wants to do with them. I found someone on the forum that removed the keys so I did likewise.

Could you explain what you did exactly? Because I think I’ve tried your solution without any success like I explain here.