Jointly Made Topics

Ok so I had this idea while I was writing a topic that was intended to be like a here’s everything we know so far about an upcoming app, and I was writing the topic with someone else. We decided that he would post half of the info and I would reply with the other half, but I couldn’t help but think allowing joint topics to be made would be a really cool feature.

I have no idea how it could work, but I suppose it would be similar to having a wiki but only for the two (or more I suppose) users collaborating on the post. All the users would get notified for replies and likes, and I think it could make collaborating on topics with colleagues/friends a lot easier!

This is already the case though, just make a wiki topic, when watching the topic people will be notified of changes in the first post if people are watching the topic – that’s something we added in the current 2.3 beta.