JSON theme settings editor is awesome! (And Events is great too!)

Holy smokes! the New JSON Theme editor is just fantastic!

And another thing–Events and sort-by date is also a huge improvement

I’m using Discourse to teach a course this semester (which is how I started using Discourse in the first place), so I’m spending some time setting up a new site from scratch, which I don’t often do. One thing that, though it took me a bit to figure out, is really awesome, and that is being able to make topics Events and then have the category sort things in the event order completely solves the “how do I get the topics to display in the syllabus order” (which I used to solve with a syllabus topic which linked to them all).


I know right?! I love that thing. great addition Team, thank you :slight_smile:


I really need to thank this feature, which made it possible for me to replicate complex theme component configurations.


One thing I want to point out about the settings editor is how especially useful I find it for troubleshooting or changing theme component settings that specifically require a delimited string input to form arrays. IMO, I find it much easier to make string setting edits in the settings editor modal than in the UI interface fields.

For example, here is a settings editor output for the Header Links theme component (setting rows are separated by “|” pipe).

		"setting": "Custom_header_links",
		"value": "Meta-D, this link will open Meta in a new tab, https://meta.discourse.org, vdo, blank, remove|Most Liked, Posts with the most amount of likes, /latest/?order=op_likes, vdo, self, keep|Privacy, Our Privacy Policy, /privacy, vdm, self, keep|FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, /faq, vdm, self, keep"
		"setting": "links_position",
		"value": "right"

No need fiddle with long strings in small sized text boxes or even to click green checkmark buttons, since saving in the settings editor automatically saves the settings.