3.1.0.beta7: New Discourse Lightbox, JSON Editor for theme settings, public channels toggle, and more

New features in 3.1.0.beta7

New Discourse Lightbox using Glimmer

Discourse “lightboxes” uploaded images into a nice overlay that contains the full-size image and in this version, we begin to transition from the old Magnific popup library to an implementation based on Glimmer. To try out the improved system, check the enable experimental lightbox setting,

New JSON Editor for theme and component settings

To help admins import / export / edit settings easily, we now offer a native JSON editor. For themes and components that allow further configuration, click the Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 1.18.45 PM button to open the editor.

Toggle public channels in Discourse Chat

The new enable_public_channels site setting allows site admins to decide if public channels are available or not. If disabled, users will only be able to use Personal Chats but not channels.

Security Updates

This release includes fixes for these security issues reported by our community and HackerOne.


Even more!

But wait, there’s more! We do our best to highlight new features and changes for you, but there’s always too many changes to detail. For a full list of new features, bug fixes, UX improvements, and more, be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below.

Plugin improvements


New Features

  • Support for locally infered embeddings in 100 languages
  • Llama2 for summarization
  • Port to use claude-2 for chat bot
  • Cache Related Topics for longer
  • Embeddings to main db
  • Claude 2 for summarization and AIHelper

Bug Fixes

  • Use base 10 when gettings allowed group IDs from settings.
  • Show related topics when scrolling long topics
  • Return base prompt instead of nil
  • Disable truncation and padding in all-mpnet-base-v2 tokenizer
  • Rerender related topics correctly when topic changes


  • .find_each instead of .find to save us from memory allocation peaks


Bug Fixes

  • Call boundAvatar() directly


Bug Fixes

  • Missing space in assign button


Bug Fixes

  • Missing event user notifications


Bug Fixes

  • Migration to remove “expert approved” tag from existing first posts


New Features

  • Report INP target selector


UX Changes

  • Separate empty states on own and others’ profile pages


Bug Fixes

  • Increase z-index of th element


New Features

  • Add local onebox handler for /docs urls


New Features

  • Discourse Gamification backfill scores
  • Don’t award points for self-solutions in solved

UX Changes

  • Styling tweaks to the recalculate scores modal


Bug Fixes

  • Handle empty topic views


Bug Fixes

  • Ensure collector loads webrick from plugin gem directory


Bug Fixes

  • Prevents triggering a reaction while scrolling


New Features

  • Add support for inserting templates into chat messages


Bug Fixes

  • Allow translation of Serbian-latin via Microsoft API

All Features and Fixes

New Features

  • JSON editor for theme settings
  • Thread pagination
  • API to set combined/separated sidebar mode.
  • Implement SiteSetting to Allow Anonymous Likes
  • Regenerate outdated summaries.
  • Ability to position switch panel buttons
  • Allow sidebar section api to create external links
  • New API to add panels to sidebar
  • Add limit and group exclusion to the directory items endpoint
  • Add admin dashboard warning for legacy navigation menu
  • Allow custom summaries for TL3 by default
  • Show unread in sidebar for unread channel threads
  • Let users collapse the topic inline summary
  • Extend the topics:read API scope to allow read by external_id
  • Enable_public_channels site setting
  • New Discourse Lightbox using Glimmer
  • Inline topic summary. Cached version accessible to everyone.

Bug Fixes

  • Reset scrollbar position for mobile on lightbox images
  • Can’t dismiss new topics that belong to a sub-sub category
  • Fix flaky test from settings editor PR (discouse:main:80f5018)
  • Toggling overridden settings broke in #21572
  • Share topic shortcut (shift+s)
  • Move main sidebar panel name to constant
  • Seed all categories and tags configured as defaults for nav menu
  • Flashing history modal when changing versions
  • Remove unnecessary ellipsis
  • Chat emoji picker focus offset
  • Attempt to fix multi sessions reaction spec
  • Distinguish between scroll and drag for sidebar
  • Update “Embed Motoko” Onebox URLs
  • Looping attempt to reconnect in network connectivity service
  • Disable the previous revision button if it is the last revision
  • Handle empty directory columns in /u route
  • Fast-edit shortcuts got lost in bdd97ff
  • Prevent lightbox from loading onebox embed icons in chat uploads
  • Make document overflow hidden on both axis when lightbox is open
  • Managing sidebar custom sections not working on subfolder
  • Loading more tags in edit nav menu tags modal not working
  • Use base 10 when gettings allowed group IDs from settings.
  • Restore the unconditional yield in d-button
  • Correct router service call from some admin controllers
  • Render user profile trust level name for TL0
  • Capture click target in lightbox click handler
  • Inline deprecated settings in migration file
  • Wrong collapsible parameter in sidebar API
  • user_id arg override in Slack import
  • Ensure ‘modern’ modal is closed when opening legacy modal
  • Banners not removing when unset
  • Staff action log could not be accessed via link
  • Show mention count for channel list on mobile
  • Specify chrome version
  • Hashtag error in PrettyText when processing email
  • Termless hashtag search when a type is disabled
  • Doubled up or not tracked threads in thread list
  • Embedding checkbox bug
  • Update last_read_message_id when moving chat messages
  • Keep ReviewableQueuedPosts even with user delete reviewable actions
  • Do not track first AJAX request as a pageview
  • Check if dominant color is set before updating site theme color
  • Chat errors for thread subscriptions
  • Sometimes stuck of sidebar reorder
  • In modal should check for body
  • Allows to resize panels on tablets
  • Allows to focus thread’s composer on ipad
  • Bind selector to event listener callback for lightbox
  • Editing tags in sidebar should show all tags visible to user
  • Close modal after moving message to channel
  • Incorrect selector in system specs
  • Don’t show admin warnings about deleted translation overrides
  • Redirects to browse after removing last followed
  • Created_at datetime format inconsistencies in chat
  • Lightbox setup blocked due to waiting for first image load
  • Add the required widget for admin-problems notification item
  • Ensures lightbox sends valid color to react-native
  • Simplify channel threads lookup for pagination
  • Only use lastViewedTopic when going ‘back’ to a topic list
  • Add tracked property for items in lightbox carousel
  • Show only context menu on img long press
  • Dismissing unread posts did not publish changes to other clients
  • Prevent default event on touchend reaction
  • S/–border-radius-large)/–d-border-radius-large
  • Prevents user to restore message deleted by staff
  • Order tags shown in email subject by topics count and name
  • Render excerpt HTML for chat replies and edit
  • More performance improvement for PostAlert job
  • Display the whole summary when it consists of multiple <p> tags.
  • Correctly respects full name settings in channel title
  • Always clear caches after committing the current transaction
  • Chat thread race condition issues

UX Changes

  • Different way of centering chat notice to accommodate longer texts
  • Responsive oneboxing with images in chat
  • Minor alignment fix for compact tag selector
  • Minor change to compact tag chooser
  • Remove ring from avatar for a new user
  • Compact option for multi-selects
  • Hide header in dismiss modal
  • Fix bookmark modal footer layout
  • Category hashtag colors order fix
  • Display tag’s description as title in navigation menu
  • Show the info icon outside the tooltip
  • Disclose AI model used and add animation to placeholder
  • Fix focus state style for date button in composer
  • Point that topic summaries are generated by an AI
  • Firefox fix for shorthand modal width
  • Size down unread indicators fror drawer/mobile
  • Disable summarize button while generating summary
  • Move group mentions notifications into the reply tab
  • Fix icon warning position in sidebar modal
  • More border-radius removal from chat
  • Z-index for for tippy box in chat


  • Add index on topic_id and created_at to posts table