Keyboard HTML tag sometimes suppressed in CSS

There’s a little bug when using “a lot” of text formatting elements :sweat_smile:
Check this example:

Builder Version: 1.0.0 Makeroid Andromeda :star2:

You see that I’ve used the <kbd> tag, right?
Well, I’ve used some more things, but I can’t see them:

# <kbd> [Builder]( Version: `1.0.0` <small>[`Makeroid Andromeda`]( :star2: </small></kbd>

Why is the <small>[`Makeroid Andromeda`]( :star2: </small> part not being displayed?

Builder Version: 1.0.0 Makeroid Andromeda :star2:

remove the “`” around “Makeroid Andromeda”.

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But I want to show it as “code” :sweat_smile:
I know it’s working without it

Might be an issue on our end as it’s working on

Not sure we want to spend time debugging such an edgy case, what do you think @sam ?

Also here is a reduced repro:






The simple solution is to not nest HTML and Markdown eg.

<kbd> <a href="">Builder</a> Version:1.0.0<small><a href="">Makeroid Andromeda</a> :star2: </small></kbd>

Builder Version: 1.0.0 Makeroid Andromeda :star2:


No it’s still not the expected result. You are not wrapping “Makeroid Andromeda” in “`”

If I do this, it disappears as the other:
Builder Version: 1.0.0 Makeroid Andromeda :star2:

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This is by design @awesomerobot added:

kbd * * * {
    display: none;

To protect us from all sorts of abuse vectors.

Note: on your forum you can remove the rule in a theme component, by overriding it, if you do not care for the abuse protection.