Know who has viewed your post

Hello, In some categories, when you are not many people, it is important to confirm who has viewed your entry.
One option could be to use the “like” button to tell people “I have viewed your entry”.
But some of my users are reluctant because they say “like” is not “view” and may be I haven’t like.
Then I am thinking I would need a button “view” to confirm my collegues have view the entry.
But as Discourse know I am viewing an entry. Why not show directly (at the bottom of the enty) who has viewed the entry automatically.
I know I have the views indicators but I can’t go to the details to know WHO as seen it.
This should be an activable function, because it only make sense for some groups which are my close collaborators. I don’t mind to have 1000 views from anonymous people if the 10 people from my group that I am interrested they check this entry don’t read it.
Then this should be also apliable to the answers for each topic.
Thanks for helping :wink:

The group policy plugin might be what you’re looking for - you can assign a group policy for the folks you’re interested in it getting read and get their acknowledgement of, with optional nagging notifications:


This is an option for SOME relevant information (contracts, proposals)
But some limitations:

  1. Only staff can use it. This confirm this is a procedure for Formal information from the staff to the group.
  2. What I am looking for is for general info. At the end this is just to be able to see who has seen every topic. and should be presented as the “like” option. but would be “view” option.

May be something as in Facebook: 4 icons with differents meanings and you get who click on them if you want.

I have observed that in the messages I have exactly what I would like this icon in all the posts
But I only see it in the messages.

In the posts I only have
Any idea why I don’t get it on the posts? I Want image also in the posts :sob:

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It is really strange this icon only appear on the messages.
I have just installed another site for testing purpose and to see if this is default function and get the same behaviour.
Why it is not been available on all the posts and topics?

That’s because at this moment in time it is a setting just for group messages:

On group messages publish group read state

Interesting feature request though. I can see this being useful sometimes.


The problem with publishing read state for general topics is (1) it’s meaningless on public forums due to anonymous viewers and (2) rendering hundreds of avatars in a semi-shuffled jumble is not anyone’s idea of a good UI.

Perhaps send the 10-person group a parallel PM saying “please read [link to public topic]”?


Thanks. For the answers.
Yes this would be interresting for selected groups or privated categories only.
No sense for anonymous or public posts.
Hope this will be retained as a future feature. :wink: