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This is now implemented as a theme setting. Subcategories are now supported, too!


Just updated. Looks great, thank you!


How do you apply this to a subcategory? Is there a special syntax?

Thank you so much for this! We have a category in our community that would be perfect for applying this component, but we are facing an issue: categories don’t show up in the “kb categories” drop down so we can’t choose the category to apply the component. Any advice?

You can just type in the category slug and create it. It is not extremely intuitive. I have not been able to figure out how to get sub categories but if your category is on the first level it is pretty easy.

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Ok, really not intuitive. I typed and “created” the category, and it worked. But it still does not appear as expected.

I did a fresh Discourse install to test, set up both components:


(D.I.Y. / diy is the category I want to enable KB for, and it has a specific top link created with Custom top navigation links component)


But the D.I.Y. category appears with normal view:


URL shows at the end: /c/diy?kb=active

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No special syntax - just enter the slug of the category (subcategory or not) in the kb categories theme setting, refresh your browser, and it should work.

This is a limitation of theme settings right now – you’ll have to type in the slug as @Sean_R suggested.

Did you get this sorted @TowerBR? Did you refresh after adding the category to the setting? Did you click the KB button? Sorry for the silly questions but trying to get to the bottom of it.

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It worked thanks :slight_smile:

I like it this way since I can name all of my KB subcategories the same and only need to add them once.

I do notice that if I go to the category by the dropdown that it does not automatically switch to the KB view.

All other ways to navigate appear to work but the sub-category drop-down does not.


Do you have the default to kb view turned on? I just tested this on a site of mine and it did seem to work with subcategories.


I do and it works most o the time just not if I use the sub-category drop-down to change categories from one to another category.

Odd - ok. If you can repro it consistently, let me know and I’ll take a look. I haven’t been able to get that behavior to fire using the subcategory dropdown.


Yep, I had already done that, see the picture of the post above:


I removed the “Custom top navigation links” component. It is now a completely “clean” installation:


Yes, and I cleaned the cache.

Yes. When I select the category by main drop down it already loads the category page with /c/diy?kb=active at the end of the URL. When I hover the KB button, it shows the “normal” URL without this “add-on”, but when I click on it nothing happens.

Are you running on the latest version of the theme component? Are you running on tests-passed or stable for your Discourse version?


It happens every time. I can just click “KB” or refresh fixes it but not when I go to the category from the drop-down.


   version: tests-passed

This is awesome! Just installed it to take a look, and I can see it is already very useful.

This theme component does seem to conflict with Knowledge Base Plugin by @angus. I can confirm that the plugin has to be uninstalled prior to enabling this theme component, otherwise the below happens when you look at a knowledge base category. Note the weird horizontal line next to the menu and spinning circle.

I’d love to hear some more about the advanced version and what you have planned. Some feedback:

  • bug? when you select a tag from the left menu to filter by that tag, and then click to another category or latest etc… then when you next click on kb to return to the knowledge base you will find you are still filtering by that tag.
  • when you click on the tag under a title, it takes you to the tag page for that tag, not to a filtered kb view as it does when you click the tag on the left menu.
  • click on the tag category title on the left menu, and you are taken to the latest view for the category. I’d suggest this not link to anywhere. The category title also should probably not have # which is a distraction.
  • it would be handy to see the number of topics with each tag on the left menu
  • it would be handy to be able to sort kb topics alphabetically or even in custom order

Thanks for the feedback @tobiaseigen! I have some other work on my plate this week, but I’ll be sure to dig into a few of these items next week.


Another item - this theme component makes no sense alongside the popular tags theme component, and for some reason the exclude category setting for that theme component does not seem to work for me despite multiple browser refreshes. I don’t know if you can accommodate this issue in this theme component… so we can still use the popular tags in other views and not show them here.

I’m not too proud to expose how I am using discourse as my personal knowledge base - in the screenshot below you can see how the tags appear on both sides, even with the howto category set to be excluded in the popular tags theme component.


First of all, you should be proud. That’s some expert Discourse use there! Discourse is perfect for that kind of stuff! :smiley:

I’ll take a look with the other items next week sometime.


Thanks, Justin!

I just installed this on the global legal empowerment network forum. We have a kb category, and sub-categories within kb. Each sub-category has its own individual group access permissions.

It’s pretty cool to see that enabling this theme component in the kb category and subcategories works! In fact it works very well. :rocket:

Two additional things I noticed:

  • the tags menu does not appear to work correctly in the kb category. Items appearing in the list of topics from subcategory clearly have tags but the tags menu is empty, because there are no topics in the kb category.
  • it would be very helpful to see a sub-categories list on the menu. I don’t know if this is technically feasible. If so, perhaps it could be listed directly above the tags menu?