Knowledge Explorer Plugin

Minor bug. If you do not have access to any knowledge explorer enabled categories, you get an empty interface, Better to show a 404, methinks, or some sort of “nothing to see here, move along” type message. Link should also not appear on the hamburger menu.

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Added a minor message in UX: Add message when no topics found in KE view · discourse/discourse-knowledge-explorer@18c45a7 · GitHub

The route 404 would be an interesting change. I’ll have to think on that as an option and how to implement it. The primary use case we had in mind for this plugin was for teams who need access to a way to filter knowledge base topics and make them easier to surface.


I installed this on my work community and it’s fun to use - looking really good!

The minor message is fine - I was able to change it to “You do not have access to the knowledge base” on my work community and “Sorry - you don’t have access to the wiki” on my personal community. I think these work better for my purpose.

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And that’s the beauty of translations :smiley:

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I’ve been goofing around with the knowledge explorer on my personal forum and am really enjoying it. Thanks for providing this fab functionality!

Here are some requests/suggestions/observations for when you have time to look at this again.

  • checklist plugin integration not quite working. You can see the status of checked items but you cannot select to toggle the checklist status.
  • toggling between alphabetical vs activity sort order would be very helpful. In the UI, selecting the “topic” and “activity” headings would be a lovely way to change sort order.
  • tag groups support on the filter menu on left side would be loverly. Right now the tags are all in order of number of appearances. I have tag groups for location, year, people etc and it would be hella useful to be able to see these grouped instead of intermingled.

Note … knowledge explorer is now enabled on meta on #howto and #howto sub categories , head to the following location to check it out:

Checklist plugin integration is tricky, we will try to get to it.

Agree sort by “title” of topic would make sense we can make “topic” clickable for that.

Tag group integration does sound interesting, albeit very tricky. Would have to be an option that is default off. It is only really useful if you use tag groups extensively.



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Sweet! Confirmed working. One small oddity is that Album 1: slides is displayed after Album 10: slides when sorting alphabetically. Probably not much to be done about it but this is a huge improvement already. Thanks!

Yes, but I noticed the same text is used when search results turn up nothing. I will adjust the text accordingly.

That might be a bug. Let me take a look.

Edit: Yep it was. FIX: Show correct text when no search results found · discourse/discourse-knowledge-explorer@ed709f8 · GitHub should fix it.