Use Discourse Docs plugin for site search and navigation

Discourse Docs plugin is not just great for Knowledge Base Topics.

This plugin also works splendidly to provide users a powerful tool for filtering and sorting through all of the Topics on a Discourse site.

While you can certainly designate and limit the Categories to provide searching across only a subset of Topics such as Knowledge Base articles, you can also think of Discourse Docs as a supplementary Search tool with an efficient “drill-down” capability…


This is quite spooky as exactly the thing I have been thinking about! Is there any way to change the word “docs” to something else in the menu?

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admin > modify > text or what it is now in english and searching doc. Just change it — I’m using Blog :slight_smile:

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Yes @jamierobinson go to

I changed mine to “All Posts”

Adding the Docs Card Filter Theme Component is also a neat way to add even more bling and functionality… (and you can further jazz up those Filter Cards with custom backgrounds and icons)…

For example…

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